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Tackling Poverty in Sonoma County

A Call to Advance Social Equity

Leadership Institute to Host Workshop on Social Inequity


At a recent event convened by Los Cien/Sonoma County Latino Leaders, Stanford professor Dr. David Grusky repeated “There is no magic bullet” to solve poverty.

Perhaps not, but we have a strong arsenal available to improve conditions that both cause and result from poverty here in the county. Chief among them, according to experts, are the so-called upstream investments, including broad access to early childhood health and education. Many programs exist to address these needs, but not everyone who would benefit from them has the information they need to take full advantage.

More important, all programs could use more funding and other resources to function at their fullest.

Connecting funds with those who need them will be a main focus of A Call to Advance Social Equity: A Workshop of Inspiration and Impact to be offered in February by the Leadership Institute.

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