Leadership for a Sustainable Future - Class of 2014-2015


Leadership for a Sustainable Future

Discover Your Passion … Improve Our Community … Shape the Future

The Class of 2014–2015 begins September 5!

Leadership for a Sustainable Future provides inspiring community education and a foundation for public and civic leaders interested in environmental awareness, social equity, and economic vitality.

Join the upcoming 10-month program! What’s in it for you?

  • Clarify your vision and passion around sustainability.
  • Connect with others to engage and expand your community network.
  • Become a more effective policy-maker and community leaders.
  • Meet top-notch educators and leaders via class lectures and site visits.
  • Understand public policy and engage with your elected officials.

Topics and materials are woven into a comprehensive program which addresses key sustainability issues in California and the North Bay while exploring varied perspectives on leadership. The inspiring curriculum prepares participants to take on leadership roles by providing a solid foundation for understanding our environmental, social and economic strengths, opportunities, and challenges. The course also enables students to meet and collaborate with new colleagues and work together on real projects to improve the communities you care about.

Classes meet on the first Friday of each month, September 2014 – May 2015.
There will be a full day class orientation on Friday, August 22, 2014

The January class meets on the 2nd Friday due to the winter holidays.

Tuition is $1000 to $2500 sliding scale for the 10 sessions

Early bird deadline: May 5, 2014 (5% tuition discount)

Final deadline: May 19, 2014

Please click here for the comprehensive information packet which includes instructions on how to fill out the application. Click here for the Application Form.

Contact Suzi O’Rear, Education Program Director, for more information (707) 578-9133 x1#, suziorear@ecoleader.org

Research Shows Latino Votes in Santa Rosa Don't “Count”

Latino voters consistently cast ballots for individuals and issues that non-Latino voters -- still a sizeable majority -- do not support, according to a systematic analysis of voting patterns in Santa Rosa sponsored by the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy.  As a result, Latino interests are not well represented in local government.

The recent report, “Minority Voting Patterns in Santa Rosa, California” by David A. Selby, a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley and Kelly P. Wurtz, a visiting assistant professor at Lehigh University, was first presented at a community forum in February. Copies of the study (paper or digital) are now available for purchase online.

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